Nice to meet YOU.

Hi! I'm Sarah Liu. :)

I'm an accountant turned Etsy shop owner turned video content creator turned UX designer.

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How I got started in UX?

I first came to Melbourne in 2012, at the age of 18. My journey began in the Accounting and Finance industry as a tax accountant, studying at the University of Melbourne. 

After years of accounting work in a startup and in a corporate, I felt like that what I was doing was stale. I didn't know why or what I was doing wrong but I needed to find something that would re-energise me as a creative. That's when I found UX Design.

After studying at General Assembly in Melbourne I found that I had an immediate passion for UX Design in all its forms. Of course, there was visual design and elements of UI design, but being engaged in user research and synthesising data was incredibly fascinating because of how fast my assumptions and opinions were challenged and I saw a different way of seeing things. 

If you want to get in contact with me for anything, please feel free to contact me here

What I'm curious about

I am always curious about the sky (the universe). Is there another me out there in a parallel universe? What is she doing? and has she found her passion for design? 


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