Be There.

Get a personalised itinerary and one-click booking experience for your holiday trips.

The Brief

To design a mobile itinerary building app help users to plan a personalised trip. With the help from machine learning, this app would be able to provide insider tips and experiences/tour according to traveller’s preferences.

My Role

This is an individual project, but I did get support from General Assembly instructional teams and my co-workers.

Design Process


  • Business Research

  • Market & Industry Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Future Threats Analysis

  • User Interviews


  • Affinity Mapping

  • Personas

  • Journey Mapping


  • HMW statements

  • Crazy 8's

  • Design Studio

  • Hypothesis

  • Feature Prioritisation

  • Solution Storyboard

  • Solution User Flow

  • Card Sorting & Sit Mapping


  • Paper Prototyping

  • User Testing & Iteration

  • Wireframing

  • Mid-Fidelity Prototyping

  • High-Fidelity Prototyping

Let's start with Research.

How's the global travel industry look like?

  • Global travel and tourism represent a $1.3 trillion industry (UNWTO, 2018) and is on the rise.

  • 319 million jobs globally (1 in 10 jobs)

  • 1 in 5 new jobs were created by Travel and Tourism over the last five years.

  • 10.4% total GDP contribution


Why Travel industry is this huge?

  • technology is a driving force for travel

  • transport in now cheap and less tiresome

  • travelling is more enriching than ever

  • people have the capacity to spend more, and are willing to do it.

Who are the players in the market?

Direct Competitors.png

My Main Insights

There are so many travel related mobile apps in the market. They can be generally grouped into three categories according to their core feature:

  1. making reservations (hotel, experiences, etc)

  2. providing travel tips

  3. building itinerary

As we can see, there are some opportunities there in itinerary building apps. 

Who did I talk to?


  • 9 regular travellers

  • 1 competitor's AU&NZ marketing Manager

  • 31 responses

Interview Questions

  • Tell me about your last trip

  • What’s your favourite trip? and why?

  • Are you currently planning a trip?

  • What platforms do you usually use to plan your trip?

  • What’s your best travel experience so far?

  • What’s your worst travel experience?

  • Wins? Frustrations?

.... and what were they feeling?

My Main Insights

People do enjoy planning, and they feel satisfying when fulfilling itinerary.

Data Synthesis 

How did I make sense of all the data collected?

Affinity Map_2.png

Behaviour & Pain points

  • 9/10 interviewees enjoy planning

  • building a customised itinerary is exciting but time consuming

  • some of the places are overhyped, they want to explore hidden gems

  • there are so many unforeseeable circumstances would happen during a trip (weather, transportation, sickness etc)

Who are we designing for?

Target Audiences:

  1. Young Adults (18-25 years)

  2. Couples without kids

  3. Mobile users


How's the Planner's current journey look like?

Journey Map.png

Problem Statement

Travellers need a way to plan a personalised trip so that they can better explore a travel location.

So how might we help "the planners"?

HMW help travellers make a customised itinerary with unexpected experiences?


We considered all of the pieces we had compiled and at this point we began the process of developing the application.

What was necessary and how would it function cohesively within the application.

Design Studio 

Crazy 8's

Card Sorting

Site Mapping

Solution User Flow

Solution Journey Mapping

Design Studio.png


We believe that by giving a way to explore foreign locations without actually being there for travellers.

We will improve their overall planning experience and avoid disappointments when undergoing planned itinerary.

We will know this to be true when the trip goes over their expectation and they keep actively using this mobile app.

Solution Storyboard + User Flow

Solution Storyboard 01.png
Solution Storyboard 02.png
Solution UserFlow.png

What are the main functions/features of this app?

So I will be mainly focusing on developing the swiping motion thing, and make a personalised itinerary for users. And they could customise it as well. One click, auto booking everything. 

Feature Prioritisation.png

Card Sorting & Site Map


The fun part - Prototyping!

Paper Prototype.png

Digital Prototype

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 12.51.42
HiFi proto.png

Let's wrap up.


  • This is an individual project. It is challenging to complete this project in 2-week's time, as I didn't have teammates to bounce ideas off.

  • Test your design early and iterate is very important.

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